Documents & White Papers


A short summary of the main features of XANITIZER.


XANITIZER Screencast

A fast-track demonstration to get a first impression how to setup a security analysis and review a taint path finding with XANITIZER.


White Paper "Analyzing the OWASP Benchmark Project"

This white paper describes how to set up XANITIZER for the OWASP Benchmark Project and improve the configuration.


White Paper "How to Find Resource Leaks"

This white paper describes how to find resource leaks with XANITIZER.


White Paper "Using Trust Zones"

This white paper describes the concept of trust zones, typical use cases, and how to use trust zones in XANITIZER.


White Paper "Web Application Framework Support"

This white paper explains how XANITIZER simulates web application frameworks and how the provided API can be used to enhance XANITIZER to simulate arbitrary frameworks.

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