We Make your Web Applications More Secure!

Who wants to know where the security vulnerabilities of a web application really are, has to look at its source code.

We can do this for you and perform extensive security code reviews of your Java web applications.

In order to do this efficiently, we have built the security analysis tool XANITIZER - a high-end tool that makes detailed and nevertheless efficient security code analyses possible. You can get XANITIZER free of charge - there is no other free of charge tool with comparative power!

We offer maintenance, support and training for XANITIZER and further services in the area of web application security.



New White PapersFebruary 22, 2017

Two new white papers are available: The first one describes how XANITIZER helps you to detect resource leaks and the second one explains how XANITIZER simulates web application frameworks and how the new API can be used to enhance this simulation to support new frameworks.

XANITIZER 3.0 ReleasedFebruary 22, 2017

The new release finally supports MacOS and provides, beneath many other improvements, an open API which can be used to enhance the framework simulation of XANITIZER.

SonarQube Integration September 14, 2016

The XANITIZER plugin for SonarQube is now open-source and available through the SonarQube Update Center.

Xanitizer 2.4 ReleasedAugust 29, 2016

The release concentrates on improvements required for a better support of the SonarQube plugin.

Xanitizer Screencast August 12, 2016

A screencast is now online that gives a first impression of analysing security issues with Xanitizer. You can watch it here.

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